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Resettable fuse characteristic analysis[2017-06-10 13:18:53]
Resettable fuse,Is overcurrent / overheat protection of the components.
Fuse interference circuit design[2017-06-09 10:48:22]
Interference circuit:Interference disconnection is often caused by incomplete analysis of the designed circuit.All the factors listed in the Fuse Selection Guide
Fusing wire performance[2017-06-08 10:43:02]
Fusing wire performance: refers to the degree of rapid response in a variety of current loads
Fuse holder Selection[2017-06-05 18:43:02]
Common fuse holder classification: PCB board installation type,Panel mounting type,Electronic wire welding type.
Glass tube fuse current selection[2017-05-15 14:55:27]
Fuse specifications are expressed in rated current,The rated current of the fuse is equal to or slightly greater than the maximum
Fuse Box Standard Description[2017-05-13 23:08:13]
The fuse box is mainly used to install the fuse.
Car fuses appearance classification[2017-05-12 11:49:21]
flat head tubular fuse (can be divided into internal welding fuse and external welding fuse)
car Fork bolt fuse structure[2017-05-05 11:49:28]
Car Fork bolt fuse is a kind of current fuse
Classification of automotive glass tube fuses[2017-05-04 10:57:40]
AGU car audio fuses: 10 × 38mm glass tube fuse, Electroplating is divided into:Nickel,Copper,silver,Gold-plated.
thermal cutout fuse operating temperature test Methods[2017-05-01 16:37:40]
thermal cutout fuse operating temperature test Methods First, the test equipment list: 1, thermometer 2, silicone oil pool 3, stirrer 4, SAMPLE 5, fixture 6, light-emitting diodes 7, current limiting resistor 8, heater Two, thermal cutout f
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