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Fuse fusing process and time

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Fuse fusing process and time
Fuse tandem  in a circuit General resistance is very small (low power),When the circuit is working properly,It's only a wire,Turn-on circuit capable of being stable for a long time;Current fluctuations due to power supply or external interference,Should also be able to withstand a certain range of overload;Only when there is a large overload current (fault or short circuit) in the circuit,When the fuse tube is energized, the temperature of the melt will be increased by the amount of heat transferred from the current,When the load current is normal or the overload current is allowed,Heat generated by the current and through the melt,The heat radiated by the shell and the surrounding environment can be gradually balanced by radiation / convection / conduction;If the cooling speed can not keep up with the heating speed,The heat will accumulate on the melt,Melt temperature rise,Once the temperature reaches or exceeds the melting point of the melt, it is liquefied or vaporized,Breaking current,Play a role in the protection of the circuit and the human body.
 Time current characteristic curve is very useful in selecting fuse,Because the fuse with the same rated current value may have quite different characteristic curve.Fusing wire specifications included in the current one hundred percent or one hundred and ten percent rating life,And the overload current (usually rated 135% or 200%) fastest Fusing time
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Fuse time current characteristic curve

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